Must-Have Marketing Tools for First Time Authors

You’ve done it, you’ve written that book, and now you’re ready to get out there in front of the public. That’s impressive, but you need to slow down there. Before you do anything, you need to ensure that you’re marketing your book properly. With a market so saturated with new authors, you need to ensure […]

Kary Oberbrunner Exposed

No, this isn’t Kary Oberbrunner, but this is: SOUL ON FIRE Kary is a bald-headed guy with a girl’s name (his words), but more than that, he’s a SOUL ON FIRE, and his goal is to help set ONE MILLION souls on fire by 2020. I’m confident he’ll succeed because his efforts are exponentially multiplying as […]

Fifteen Ways to Write Faster, by Daisy Hartwell

  Today’s guest info graphic was created by Daisy Hartwell. Thank you, Daisy, for helping writers. Daisy is a long-time member of the Custom-Writing staff. While completing her degree in Linguistics, Daisy was looking for a part-time job as a writer, but, upon graduating from college, she decided to work full-time. Combining her knowledge of Linguistics […]

You Can’t Do it Alone

(Limited Offer) If you’re an author trying to get published or sell books, you might feel alone. Writing is a solitary endeavor. For many of us, writing in the comfort of our own space is one thing, but getting out to meet other writers isn’t as easy. We’re introverted. We’d rather stay by ourselves than […]

How Can High-Level Writing Skills Help Your Marketing

Having good writing skills in marketing is not just a buzzword; it’s part of every business that wants to be successful. They can help you stand out as a professional marketer in your field. In recent years businesses and marketers have realized how writing skills are important for content marketing. In any company, writing is […]

A Simple Way to Build Your Author Business

Meet Adam Houge. I’m a little jealous of his success. He’s sold millions of books and is well respected in the Christian book genre. He’s worked hard and it shows. (You can browse his books at his Amazon page HERE.) Adam is also a master at online selling and earns six figures every year on his various book income […]

Kindle Scout. A Girl Who Heals. A Boy Who Sees.

As authors we have many choices. Should we self-publish our books or wait until a traditional publisher chooses our work? It’s a personal decision. There’s a lot to think about. NOW THERE IS ANOTHER CHOICE. We can load our book to Kindle Scout and ask them to feature it in their platform. If we’re ‘chosen’ to […]

How to Find Your First 10K Readers

There are 5 major struggles that authors, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs face when trying to grow their businesses. Can you guess the #1 struggle? According to a survey of over 10,000 authors and business owners that my friend Nick Stephenson ran recently, the top struggle (by a long shot) is “growing my audience.” There are […]

Magic, Disney and a Writing Hero

To ‘combat’ this loneliness, I recommend that authors, or writers who want to be published and sell books, get social with other writers and authors. Find your tribe. Learn from each other. Help each other. Join Facebook groups of writers and authors who write in your genre. Join conversations at K-Boards. The year I published […]

Why 80% of Books Published This Year Will Fail

80% of books published this year won’t earn enough to cover their publishing costs. Why? Is it because the author lacks writing skills? Is it because the timing is not right? Is it because the market is saturated? None of the above. If your book is drowning in the Amazon sea, or if you’re about […]

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